Ritu Srivastava

Ms. Ritu Srivastava has over 10 years of rich professional experience in ICT development, managing programmes and projects at different stake-levels of competency. She has been actively entailed with Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) from the last 8 years. Her area of interest, activity and research is in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) at the grassroots level, internet governance, environmental issues, community development, open spectrum policy issues, etc.

Presently, she is assisting Delhi based non-profit organization, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in various ICTD related projects and responsible for project design, ideation, implementation, leading policy meetings, fund-raising proposals, partnership forging, event guidance, workshops management and organizing. She also represented DEF in various international conferences.

Niki Shah

Niki Shah aims to lead a happy life through holistic and sustainable living and well-being.  Dharma, or way of life, filled with truth, compassion, and non-violence are some of the principles based on which his, karmas or actions, are performed on a daily basis with loyalty, dedication and commitment to Gnyan or knowledge and bhakti or devotion.  He consciously believes in living with and according to Prakriti or nature, with the mindset of responsible consumption.

Niki serves as the Country Research and Advocacy Coordinator at Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) for IMPACT Initiative. He has 7 years of experience working with public and private stakeholders in the United States and in India. Prior to joining DEF, he worked with United Nations Global Compact on development partnerships in the WASH, health, education and agriculture sectors in India, with a specific focus on corporate-social enterprise partnerships. In India, he has worked with YES BANK on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability issues.

Pawas Suren

Pawas Suren is an advocate of Civil Rights. As a Training and Advocacy Coordinator with Digital Empowerment Foundation, New Delhi, he educates folks on freedom of speech, association, freedom from involuntary servitude, the right to vote and the right to equality pertaining to  cyberspace. Prior to this he conducted doctoral research, in the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New  Delhi,  on the impact of environmental regulations on increased industrialization in India and the fundamental right of the citizens to non-polluted environment. During M. Phil., he worked on property rights of the forest dwellers to fulfill their requirement while maintaining the balance of the forest ecology. Mr. Suren received his M. Sc. in Earth Sciences from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, in 2003. He then spent three years working as a Field Officer with Yugantar Bharati, Ranchi, applying his skills and knowledge in water quality monitoring of river Damodar and Subernrekha, and gave training to volunteers and stakeholders on environmental rights and environmental management of river basins.

Janarthani Arumugam

Jana has extensive experience working with grassroots communities since 2006. This includes organizing, training and advocacy work for issues ranging from environmental, women’s empowerment, indigenous, LGBT, agricultural workers and farming communities. Her expertise include developing and implementing participatory training methods based on feminist principles and community based research development, capacity building of communities and advocacy work related to women’s rights and empowerment. She is interested in utilizing  technology based solutions which are developed by communities for their needs. At present, she is contributing ideas to the development of applications for farming communities who document human rights violations, harmful pesticide usage and mapping of plant varieties developed by farmers.

Kar Fai Wong

Haroon Baloch

Yasmin Masidi

Sadaf Baig

Zoya Rehman

Hakan Ozkan

Kamel Manaf

Nthateng Mhlambiso

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