Logistics and venue

Logistics Advisory

Accommodation and venue

Your accommodation and all activities will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton located at Jl Pegangsaan Timur No.17 Cikini, Jakarta.

APC has booked participants in twin rooms (2 beds), with breakfast included in the cost of the room. Any additional charges on the room will be the responsibility of the participant.

Directions from the airport

All participants are asked to take a metered taxi from the airport to DoubleTree hotel.

Please go to the Blue Bird taxi company counter which is near the taxi rank. Do not use a private taxi.

Travel time is approximately one hour depending on the traffic and cost should be no more than 20 USD or 270,000 IDR.

Weather and Safety

June is dry season in Jakarta. The average daytime temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. However, please do not forget to bring your warm clothes to wear inside air-conditioned room.

Take care with personal belongings, particularly in busy areas. Only book taxis with a reputable firm. You can ask the hotel to book one for you, or use taxis from Bluebird.

Internet, mobile phones, Electronic Plug and Sockets

Wifi internet is available for all guests of the hotel. SIM cards for unlocked phones can be purchased at the airport, but at a signficantly higher price than what is available at local shops. Please speak to Shawna when you arrive about locating a shop that sells SIM cards.

The standard power outlet is the two-round socket, working on 230 voltage. Please bring your own plug adapter to use.


Breakfast is included with your accommodation, and lunch and coffee breaks will be provided as part of the events from May 29 – June 5. Dinner will be covered by your per diem.

Per diem and reimbursements

Per diems of $30 per day will be provided in US dollar to cover the cost of dinner and local transportation. Reimbursements for your visa and transportation from your home to the airport require receipts.

In order to receive your per diem and reimbursement please bring with you:

  • Copies of boarding passes

  • Copies of receipt from travel from your home to the airport

  • An original receipt of visa fee

Local currency and money exchange

The exchange rate is approximately 1 US Dollar to 13,123 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Money can be exchanged at the airport and hotel, however the rates will most likely be lower at local currency exchanges.

Shops, restaurants and hotels in Jakarta all generally accepting Visa and MasterCard. Beware of high ATM charges and remember cash is king in the inexpensive markets.

Emergency contact information

In case of emergency or if you need any assistance, please contact:

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